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Invest in a Quality Air Dehumidifier in Burgess Hill, and Throughout East & West Sussex

Does your home suffer from damp? If yes, you should invest in a quality air dehumidifier. Humidity increases airborne allergies and mould spores, which can be harmful to your property and your health. H&D Air Conditioning have been selling dehumidifiers in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and across South England since 1983, so we have the experience and expertise to find the right one for you.

The Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

High humidity in your home can lead to allergies, asthma and skin problems. An air dehumidifier purifies the air and reduces humidity, which is enormously beneficial to your health. There are countless other benefits of a home dehumidifier, such as combating the growth of mould and mildew, protecting home furnishings from damp and removing bad odours that can accumulate in damp conditions. By purchasing a dehumidifier you ensure cooler air in your home or office that not only improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system, but also improves the comfort of guests or workers who use the space. With our comprehensive service package and wide array of dehumidifiers to choose from, you can count on H&D Air Conditioning to provide a first-class service from start to finish.

How an Air Dehumidifier Works

A fan draws warm, humid air over a cold coil, which condenses the moisture into liquid; the water is removed via a drain pipe. The dry air then passes over a warm coil and is added back into the room. Dehumidifiers are controlled by an instrument called a dehumidistat, which turns the unit on and off depending on the amount of moisture detected in the air.

Our Range of Dehumidifiers

    • Home dehumidifiers
    • Laundry dryers/mini humidifiers
    • Swimming pool humidifiers
    • Leisure dehumidifiers
    • Commercial dehumidifiers
    • Building/restoration dryers
    • Portable dehumidifiers
    • Retail dehumidifiers

    Home Dehumidifier Installation Services and More

    Our vast experience at H&D Air Conditioning means we have the necessary skills and knowledge to install or repair your home dehumidifier whenever you need us. Click below to find out more about our services.

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